clouest Clouest
April 2018 - Present
Clouest is a seed project phase in development of an hospitality application for the management and control of most tasks and aspects for the internal and corporate management, specialized for any hotel company

hakumi Hakumi - Ryokan Hotel
July 2013 - Present

Hakumi is a project that aims to create the first and unique Japanese traditional hotel in Europe

Currently the project is in the location projection and study phase to can be able to select the ideal emplacement for its development and start-up

monjapo Món Japó
June 2017 - Present

Món Japó is a project currently under study for the development of the creation of a socio-cultural junction with Japan

Closely linked to the Hakumi project, it aims to offer spaces for the location of business, commercial, educational, leisure and cultural activities related to Japanese culture


pizzesburriac Pizzes Burriac
November 2009 - August 2014
Pizzes Burriac is a consolidated restoration business recognized with various entrepreneurship awards, which offers restaurant and catering services with table and take-at-home services

May 2011 - January 2013 was a project to offer the possibility of providing corporate websites at a reduced prices and offer the possibility of unifying the external services and requirements of any client on design, printing, marketing, translations and other additional services for their company

aerogenerador Aeromagnetic generator
I made the study and design of the concept for an self-sufficient electric generator, driven by renewable energy such as air and compensated by magnetic guideways with polarity inversion, similar to those used on Maglev trains