Personal evaluation

The defects that I have, I counteract with my predisposition and total dedication; I don't give up until I see that it's really impossible to achieve the objectives. I am resolutive and to abandon a cause, I must first have been explored all the possible paths.

This is due to my knowledge in multiple disciplines, which have shown me that everything (or almost everything) has a solution; therefore, I will try to analyse the situation and I don't tend to abandon a cause or collapse me because some complication appears along the way.

In my personal life I have gone through various difficulties, especially as far as family life is concerned. For this reason, from a young age I decided to leave the household and dedicate myself to the work side and look more for my professional skills, than personal, as well as socially interacting with more people outside the family circle.

However, under this strong shell and behind my shield, there's a serious personality, with a strong character, but at the same time, felt, empathetic and worried about things. Although I don't show it, because I internalize and relativize the situations a lot, I can resent about the concerns, making them my own and taking them with myself.

This fact has conditioned me on some personal aspects, my relative distrust of things and my constant analysis of situations and the search for continuous improvement.

I know how to delegate, but if I have to position myself and act, I will be the first to do it and fulfil the mission; although this supposes me to have to get dirty from below and if necessary, take the initiative providing greater dedication or assumption of tasks to obtain excellence in the result.


In general lines, I stay satisfied with my path, so much of the achievements, as of the failures and lived experiences; due to the fact that thanks to all of them and to I have faced it with their consequences, I am who I am today, I am where I am and how I decide to be; I have what I been decided to have; I dispose of my current knowledges and a mentality, thoughts and concepts, of which I'm very proud.

Because all the alterations have happened?
Because I needed them. We do not receive what we desire or we want, because this hardly is obtained; instead, we receive what we need, which, in reality, is what we real want and we not being aware. If this were not the case and the alterations had not occurred, most likely I would not be who I am today.

The situations lived in my childhood, were caused or made by other people or external factors, receiving the consequences directly; although due to lack of memory or ignorance, I don't want to discard to in a greater or lesser extent, I could be the cause.

From the youth and until today, the wide majority of situations experienced (both positive and negative), have been caused (or not avoided) by my own direct decision (correct or erratic choices).

Thanks to this, the future that I want and hope for, is positive and hopeful and I want it to be that way, because for this I am fighting day by day, trying to improve in all my aspects and leaving behind the things that with knowledge, I know that they don't suit me.