Noguera Vila


Doing honour of the gentilic of my hometown, I am a stubborn by birth, of this city enchanted by the Mediterranean clima.

My personal slogan is: “Kurumi no yō ni chakujitsude tsuyoi (胡桃の様に着実で強い) – Steady and strong like a walnut”, honouring my surname, which also represents my personality.

I am an affable person, but very critical and self-demanding with myself, these premises have forged my personality and character, but my experience has been conditioned by my decisions, available resources, studies and for my personal and professional career until today.

Since the moment I reached the age of mandatory schooling, I decided to stop studying to be able to start me in the labor market instead of only prolonging my training. Due to making this choice from a young age, I did not continue my academic path, but I been improving my training skills and knowledge simultaneously to my labor positions.

I always tried to work in companies that would provide me more and better knowledge and especially that they could contribute me something more than just a workplace and a monthly income.

I fully identify with the Kaizen management method (改善), trying to apply daily continuous improvement in my actions, knowledge, skills and seeking perfection and excellence in results, being self-critical with my process and constant evolution.

I am a full fighter and I will not give up easily if I know what I fight for. If a nickname defines me, it is “Kurumi Bushi (胡桃武士) - The walnut samurai”.

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